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After graduation, theatre absorbed my creative energies for a long time, but eventually, I found myself needing to pick up a roller again and so I started printmaking in the spare bedroom. Given the constraints in terms of available time and workspace, I started with a simple idea using handmade wood block printing to divide a square into a 3 by 3 grid, and then worked through the different percentages by which the grid could be divided to create and explore patterns. With a large selection of printing blocks to choose from, this is a dynamic and organic printing process whereby each print is produced quickly. This allowed the parameters of the next print to be edited and changed rapidly. By controlling how much ink is used on each block through the use of over-inking and under-inking, I am not seeking to create the perfect print but an interesting print. My interest lies in the imperfections of the individual prints.

​The prints can be seen as individual pieces but when they are displayed as a collection, there is an impression of movement and struggle between the smaller squares and the large square as the smaller squares take over the print from the larger square.

The prints are untitled and catalogued just by number because I want the viewer to bring their own experience when looking at the print and draw their own conclusions about the work. Like Rothko said, "A painting is not a picture of an experience; it is an experience." Life, 16/11/69

​From this starting point, I began exploring and developing my abstract style and process.  Through the wood block relief print process and using thick layers of ink, I create what I describe as monoliths with a textured, painterly effect.


I have been using painting to complement my printmaking by again using a square divided into a 3 by 3 grid. I then start with a low number of coloured squares and then add more colours to the 3 by 3 grid until all nine squares are coloured in the same colour. 

I am exploring the different colour combinations and patterns of squares. Painting is a dynamic process where I see the different relationship and interaction between the different coloured squares.

I then take this a stage further by taking samples of each coloured square and creating a virtual 3 by 3 grid on Instagram.  Over several months of posts, I have created even more combinations and patterns of coloured grids. This results in an impression of movement and struggle between the dominant colour and the other colours. 

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