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Warwick the Artist

I'm ready to tell you my secret now. Okay? To paraphrase Cole Sear in The Sixth Sense, I see abstract art. Where is it? Everywhere!

When I look at the world around me, I see abstraction everywhere. When I look at a plant, a tree, a cloud, a wall, a landscape, a building, a window, or the ground I am walking on, I don’t see it as an object, I see the abstraction; and in turn, I have an emotional response to that abstraction.

Through the elements of the shape, pattern, colour, shadows, light, or texture that make up the visual appearance of the object or scene before me, I reinterpret what I see as abstract art in my mind, i.e. instead of the recognizable object or scene, I see pattern, form, and shape. The first place these pieces of abstract art are realized and shared are through my Instagram account @arts_warwick; this is my digital sketchbook where I can put the abstraction within a defined space and record my emotional response.


I like to work within what I think of as a defined space as I feel it gives a power and clarity to the image, and this delineated space helps to concentrate the abstraction. Sometimes the source image is heavily edited, and at other times it is left intact apart from cropping the image to fit on Instagram. It is not important to be able to identify what the original image or object was; it is important to be able to see the abstraction for itself and leave the viewer to connect to the image in their own way.

The creative process is an important element of my art; it is as important as the ideas and themes I explore, and is the creative driver which underpins the pushing of the boundaries of what is possible within the printing process.


Participant: Teesside Print Prize 2020 January 2021

Participant: Printmaking from the Edge Dover New Hampshire January 2021

Participant: Life in Lockdown Exhibition Solent Showcase Gallery December 2020

Participant: Postcard Perspectives International Mail Art Project Oklahoma November 2020

Participant: Plumstravaganza, Plumstead Open Studios September 2019 
Participant: Southbank Printmakers Mini print 1st May to 2nd June 2019

Participant: 5th Annual 'ON PAPER' International Printmaking Award 2019

Participant: Plumstravaganza, Plumstead Open Studios September 2018


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